Jointly constructed by Shanghai Construction Group, The New Embassy of China in the United States Opening Ceremony
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In July 29th, the new Embassy of China in the USA, jointly undertook by Shanghai Construction Group received the opening ceremony with presence of Foreign Minister of China Mr. Yang Jieshi, attendants about 1000 high level officials from the States of the Minister of Treasury, Minister of Commerce, Minister of Labor, Deputy of Secretary of States, National Security Deputy Advisor and other important officials from both States Government and the State Parliament. Mr. Tong Jishen, the deputy President of SCG on behalf Shanghai Construction Group was courteously invited to attended the Embassy Opening Ceremony as well.¡£
The New Embassy of China is located in the north session of International Center of the West part of Washington DC. The Embassy was designed by well known Architect IEOH MING PEI and jointly built by Shanghai Construction Group, China State Construction Corporation, and China Re Ling Construction Company. The Project was ever since the biggest project for Shanghai Construction Group to undertook overseas China. In the trades, the major role for Shanghai Construction Group was to focus in the  M/E system engineering works as well as the building interior finishing works.
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